Service for Your Current System

Samson Irrigation currently maintains and services over 600 systems installed by other contractors, in addition to the systems we have installed. Our seasoned professionals can affordably protect and improve your sprinkler system.


System Turn On/Off

Sprinkler systems need to be turned on and checked in the Spring, and winterized and turned-off in the Fall.

  • Essential for the correct
    operation of your system
  • Avoids costly repairs
  • Avoid high water bills due to potential leaks in the system

Extended Maintenance Agreements

Samson Irrigation offers annual Extended Maintenance Agreements that will cover all repair and maintenance work on your sprinkler system. Our irrigation professionals can quickly and affordably audit, repair, maintain and optimize your sprinkler system.

  • System Turn On/Off
  • Component Part Repair
  • Coverage problems fixed
  • Certified Backflow Tests
  • General preventative systems check

Upgrade/Reconfigure Your Sprinkler System

Our irrigation professionals and staff can affordably reconfigure or upgrade your sprinkler system to acceptable performance.

  • Upgrade when your landscape changes
  • Add stations to areas that were previously not irrigated
  • Improve the performance of aging systems

General Service

Samson Irrigation has seasoned professionals and staff that can quickly and affordably repair, check and optimize your sprinkler system. We also perform general service and repair on systems installed by other companies.

  • Component part repair
  • Coverage problems fixed
  • Leaks/breaks repaired
  • Certified Backflow Tests
  • General preventative systems check 

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