Samson Irrigation Systems

The Quality-Driven Road To Success

In 1978, Samson Irrigation opened with a simple approach: design and install the highest quality sprinkler system available, using a low-pressure, highly educational sales strategy.

A Quality Product From a Reputable Company

Too often, contractors pressure home owners into a one-time transaction, and then install an average system and disappear.  We believe a quality product from a reputable company will sell itself, creating a partnership between the home owner and the contractor that lasts for years to come.  That’s what we started in the ‘70s, and that’s what we still do today.

Samson Irrigation Systems (originally Samson and Sons Lawn Sprinklers) has thrived with this partnership concept.  For over thirty years, referrals from satisfied customers have been the single largest source of new business.

We attribute the company's success to: “Our satisfied customers - they continue to use us for future changes to their systems, yearly system checks, etc.  They also pay us the highest compliment through frequent referrals to friends and neighbors.”

In addition to the satisfied customers and referrals, the company growth can be attributed to the service of highly trained irrigation professionals that have joined the Samson Irrigation team.

Professionalism and Experience

“People view their lawn as an extension of their home.  Our mission is to educate, not pressure, and to deliver a product and service that enhances their home.  That’s been the anchor to our success.  We never sacrificed quality or integrity, and our customers never stop referring new business.  It’s a great partnership.

It is rare in a lawn business to see such depth of experience and loyalty, but our commitment to running a business with integrity, quality and passion for customer satisfaction attracts committed employees as well as customers.  Samson Irrigation boasts one of the largest staff of seasoned employees in the business, with our installers returning year in and year out.

Today Keith Doepker manages the company with a focus on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship, the core of our 30+ year existence.  The company has more than 2,000 satisfied customers, with 70 percent of the firm’s revenue coming from new installations and 30 percent from servicing existing systems.  Numerous service customers of Samson Irrigation were installed by our competitors where the system was either installed incorrectly or the competitors companies won't return their customers phone calls.  Don't make the mistake of hiring the wrong irrigation company.

Call the company that has been loyally serving Kansas City for over 30 years.....Samson Irrigation.  We are confident we install simply the best irrigation system in the Kansas City area

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